Steel Roofing Products

Lap Seam Panel
This is a 3' coverage exposed fastener panel with a 3/4" high rib used for Residential Roofing, Storage Buildings and Horse Barns. This is the most commonly used panel for a Residential Re-Roof.
PBR Panel
5-V Panel
This is a 24" coverage exposed fastener panel with a 1/2" high rib used for a "Retro" look in Residential applications, but is primarily used for agricultural purposes.
This is a 16" coverage concealed fastener panel with a 1" to 1-1/2" high rib used in both Residential and Commercial Apllications. The installation system on this panel significantly reduces the amount of penetrations you have in your roof, which makes this a superior roofing panel.
16" Standing Seam Panel
This is a 3' coverage exposed fastener panel with a 1-1/4" high rib primarily used in low slope and Commercial applications like industrial buildings.
Things You Should Know About Metal Roofing !
Energy Efficient! Independent study shows metal roofs can reduce your heating and cooling bill up to 20%

Light Weight! Steel roofing can be installed over 1 layer of existing roof. That will save you money and no debris goes to the land fills. Talk about going "GREEN"!

Steel roofing meets the most stringent wind load requirements in the State of Florida!

Unlike conventional roofing steel does not crack, shrink, or erode making it a long lasting alternative!
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